What are Field Notes? They’re notepads. With really nice grid paper. That look like Moleskines. But they’re not. (via/more photos @ NotCot)

Which, in and of itself, is a decent selling point. I’m kind of Moleskined out. Field Notes are a product of Coudal Partners and Draplin Design.

I like them, though I’m not sure they’re compellingly different than Moleskines, though the 3 for $9.99 is a nice price (though the $6 shipping puts them back on par with Moleskine).

Which is a bummer. You wouldn’t think it’d be THAT hard to find decent grid paper for a few bucks. I’ve been having the type-design itch lately and wanted to pick up some sketch books. I started asking around and found a few options:

  • Behance notebooks are designed with grids of dots (rather than lines) – $14
  • Art of the Grid aren’t traditional grid patterns, but are instead based on the layout grids of famous publications – can’t find prices

And that was about it. I finally ended up at Dick Blick in Roseville. Eyeng the Moleskines but eventually grabbing a $.69 house brand pad. Great price, but, alas, just isn’t quite the same. Back to the hunt for the perfect, affordable grid paper…