Target has always been the ‘Wal-Mart that gets design’. It’s been a mixed bag of late, however, as they begin to stock more paper towels than interesting products. This summer, though, we noticed their line of in-house ‘Play Wonder’ products. The line included a variety of outdoor toys, including this great plywood scoot-bike for toddlers.

$ 50 was a steal of a price compared to the usual $150+ these types of bikes go for. But, it’s target, and being broke, we’ve gotten in the habit of gambling a bit and just waiting for that end-of-season price slashing they always have.


Sure enough, 2 weeks go they all went on sale for 50% and we snagged one for $25. It’s a decent enough bike that takes just a bit of fumbling to put together. I was equally impressed with the packaging with the varnished pattern of playing children.


As of this week, the whole line is 75% so if you’re lucky you might be able to snag on at an unbelievable $12.50.