Plywood Scoot Bike @ Target

August 15, 2007

Target has always been the ‘Wal-Mart that gets design’. It’s been a mixed bag of late, however, as they begin to stock more paper towels than interesting products. This summer, though, we noticed their line of in-house ‘Play Wonder’ products. The line included a variety of outdoor toys, including this great plywood scoot-bike for toddlers.

$ 50 was a steal of a price compared to the usual $150+ these types of bikes go for. But, it’s target, and being broke, we’ve gotten in the habit of gambling a bit and just waiting for that end-of-season price slashing they always have.


Sure enough, 2 weeks go they all went on sale for 50% and we snagged one for $25. It’s a decent enough bike that takes just a bit of fumbling to put together. I was equally impressed with the packaging with the varnished pattern of playing children.


As of this week, the whole line is 75% so if you’re lucky you might be able to snag on at an unbelievable $12.50.


4 Responses to “Plywood Scoot Bike @ Target”

  1. […] kicks off with a post on the Target Like-a-bike that we picked up as well. “I was equally impressed with the packaging with the varnished pattern of playing children.&#8… – Garrick Van […]

  2. Datsro said

    I thought my wife and I where the only ones that gambled with Target prices.

  3. Alfie said

    Bummer — I’ve been looking for a knock-off for a year now, and our local target isn’t carrying this…

    Are they still for sale in your local target?

    which one?


  4. brokesnob said

    Sorry, Alfie…your comment got stuck in moderation.

    Alas, even on the day I originally posted this item, the items that were part of this line were bare bones at the Target’s I had visited.

    In hindsight, I should have snagged a few of these…I’m sure they would have been eBay-worthy items.

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